T&T Shipping your reliable partner in France

T&T Shipping your reliable partner in France

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T&T Shipping is a privately owned French shipping company specializing in reliable ship brokering, chartering, shipping agency and other relevant ship-management activities.

T&T Shipping offers a full support service in France and abroad, efficiently handling all clients' shipping activities.

French Shipbrokers Association

Specialist Professional Indemnity Insurance

We offer two chartering locations

Our Port la Nouvelle location is perfectly suited for:

  • Cereal exportation from all French ports on the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts  to Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Northern Africa and other regional destinations. We operate in direct contact with major French, Italian and other European grain houses.
  • Various shipments of general purpose cargoes, fertilizers and agricultural products.

Our Arles location specializes particularly in chartering sea river vessels and transporting various cargoes such as lumber, paper, grains and special project cargoes along the Rhone and Saone rivers and from Mediterranean ports as well as  Black Sea and Northern European destinations.

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